Composites – prepreg – dry fibers

We offer deep and proven experience in digital cutting of composites materials like Carbon fiber, Glass fiber, Aramid fiber etc. The range of digital cutting solutions reaches from simple, standalone digital cutting tables to fully integrated cutting production cells with automation peripherals.

Dry fiber cutting

Digital cutting machines/tables/systems for dry fiber composites material cutting.

Dry fiber cutting with the GUNNAR NOVEX AdvanTech cutting table

Prepreg cutting

Digital cutting machines/tables/systems for thermoplastic or thremoset (resin) based prepreg composites material cutting.

Prepreg cutting with the GUNNAR NOVEX AdvanTech cutting table

Cutting of different fiber structures

Digital cutting machines/tables/systems to cut UD UniDirectional, Biaxial, Multiaxial, Woven, Non-Woven based composites material structures. Several fully tangentially controlled, static and electrically powered, cutting tools available to actually meet the different requirements to cut composites materials most efficiently.

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