GUNNAR AG, based out of Altstätten, Switzerland, within the St. Gallen Rhine Valley in the quadripoint area of Switzerland-Germany-Austria-Liechtenstein, globally distributes state-of-the-art and highly innovative computer controlled single and low ply flatbed cutting systems and corresponding peripheral hardware and software for the digital cutting process. Consequently, all our cutting machines are developed and produced in Switzerland, meeting highest quality and precision standards. Made in Switzerland. Proud of it.

GUNNAR is proud member of several associations with relations to our key markets.


GUNNAR offers cutting solutions for the two main market segments

  • Composites and advanced technical materials, Structural fibers, Technical textiles, Insulation, Upholstery, Technical hybrid materials

  • Picture framing and wall décor, Museums, Graphics, Special packaging, Photography

GUNNAR maintains a global sales, after sales and technical service structure with hubs in Americas, Europe and Asia.

  • We have deep market knowledge, allowing us to deliver innovative and highly reliable precision cutting products that really meet customer and core market needs.
  • We remain global leader in customer satisfaction, bringing real service quality to our customers.
  • We play an integral part in the ongoing evolution of computerized cutting technology within our core markets.

    GUNNAR, the advanced cutting technology partner you can trust.

        Company History

        GUNNAR was first started by Ulf Weissenberger, who began in the industry as a custom framer and framing service partner in 1970, and his son Andreas Weissenberger, who joined the family framing business in 1986.

        With their combined experience, they started their vision for the world’s first computerized mat cutter. The goal was to improve efficiency and accuracy of this otherwise tedious and manual task. Official development of the first GUNNAR computerized mat cutter was started 1991. Later in 1992, the first prototype was finally built and production of computerized mat cutting machinery started.

        Since then, GUNNAR has now grown into a world-recognized organization, becoming the most popular name for computerized mat cutters in more countries around the world than any other brand. Based on that success story and a long list of industry milestones, GUNNAR can truly be seen as the pioneer in development of computerized mat cutters.

        By 2007, GUNNAR decided to use decades of knowledge in digital single ply cutting to enter a second main market segment, the composites and technical textile market.

        GUNNAR 81-1

        Moulding Saw, manufactured from 1979 until 1995

        GUNNAR RSP

        Frame Tightener, built from 1982 untill 2000

        GUNNAR 755

        Mullion Milling Machine, built from 1984 until 1994

        GUNNAR C65

        Manual Mat Cutter, built from 1985 until 1990

        GUNNAR C68

        Manual Mat Cutter, built from 1988 until 1995

        GUNNAR G888 AND G833

        Manual Glass Cutter, built from 1988 until 2002

        GUNNAR C99

        Pneumatic Mat Cutter, built from 1990 until 1995

        GUNNAR C55

        Manual and Pneumatic Mat Cutter, built from 1995 until 2007

        GUNNAR 2001

        Computerized Mat Cutter, built from 1993 until 1996

        GUNNAR 1001

        Computerized Mat Cutter, built from 1996 until 2003


        Computerized Mat Cutter, built from 1998 until 2003

        GUNNAR 3001

        Computerized Mat Cutter, built from 2000 until 2009

        GUNNAR 601 RS

        Computerized Mat Cutter, built from 2002 until 2014

        GUNNAR F1

        Computerized Mat Cutter, built from 2004 until 2014

        GUNNAR F1 hybrid

        Computerized Mat Cutter, built from 2009 until 2014

        GUNNAR 4001

        Computerized Mat Cutter, built from 2008 until 2018

        GUNNAR TTC119

        Automatic industrial cutting system, built from 2009 until 2018

        GUNNAR AiOX

        Computerized Mat Cutter, built from 2015 until today

        GUNNAR NOvex

        Automatic industrial cutting system, built from 2018 until today

        Gunnar AG
        Bafflesstrasse 17A
        CH-9450 Altstätten

        phone +41 71 775 82 20